About Us

TodaysNews.pw is your one-stop location for all the current news from our editors, as well as news updates from all of the major news sites – regardless of political status, affiliations, and opinions.

TodaysNews.pw finds the most current and relevant news worldwide and provides news, articles, and updates from most of the leading sources on the internet – as well as offline. This news sharing is called content curation, which helps us meet our mission as stated below.

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Our Mission

This site has one mission, and one mission only – to provide a non-mainstream online location for everyone to see (content curation) the latest news, videos, and opinions that affect everyone.  We have no political affiliations and only provide to our viewers what we feel everyone needs to see and learn about that affects viewers everywhere.

We strive to include and curate the most important and up-to-date news as provided from all of the major news sites. In addition, we publish our own sourced news articles and opinions to this site.


Inclusivity – Our Commitment

Being as diverse as possible on the news articles we curate, as well as the news and updates we write – helps us meet the mission of this website. Unlike most of the major online news sites, we are not aligned with ANY political affiliations or views.  If the news is worth providing, we will provide it – as well as the original source of any news that we post from other sites.

TodaysNews editors provide diverse news and opinion articles – while giving access to other writers as well.


Full Disclosure, Corrections, and Content Curation

Todays News provides full transparency in all reporting and curated articles that are provided on this website.  News articles written by our editors and staff writers are their opinions and views – and should be treated as such.

All other news and opinions we provided on this website – are not Todays News views or opinions. Todays News strives to provide news articles that are not inflammatory or derogatory to any of our viewers.

Todays News carefully labels all “opinion” articles as such. In addition, all advertising (including sponsored advertising and content) are clearly labeled as sponsored links or advertising.  TodaysNews also fully discloses all relationships we have with any outside partners who may actually underwrite or support any of our posted news articles.

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