Amazon Scam Breakdown : The Bait And Switch for False Reviews | Keith I Myers

Amazon Scam Breakdown : The Bait And Switch for False Reviews
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Keith I Myers

It is plainly a phony 2 TB USB Flash Drive which is average as I have actually seen many phonies and even discussed it back in 2018, the important things that captured my eye on the listing is that the flash drive had more than 360 reviews with a 4.5 star average evaluation.

I was doing some browsing this early morning while waiting on some code to build on my computer and an item that Amazon advised to me rapidly caught my eye.

How could this be???

Is there really a legitimate way to get 2 TB of real flash storage for under $100 or exists something fishy going on? Oh yes, its absolutely rotten fish. I stumbled into a bit of a bunny hole today while doing some research study on how this scam works.

Amazon ought to not permit sellers to alter certain details after an item has actually been listed, I can comprehend the ability to carry out minor adjustments to the description for some electronic products to include brand-new functions added through a firmware update but thats about it.

The issue with these phony review farms is that it can get pricey numerous scammer just spend for 5-10 fake evaluations which suffices to begin hooking victims.

I find it bothering that Amazon allows sellers to purposefully manipulate the system like this to purposefully rip-off clients like this.

There are websites that you can pay deceitful people to release a glowing review for a free item and a few bucks, a lot of these “reviewers” dont even take the bundle out of the shipping box before releasing their review.

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This particular listing had more than 360 evaluations which is unprecedented when seeing these rip-offs and it is simply not cost-effective to spend for 350 + positive evaluations so there has to be another method and the secret was solved as quickly as I started looking at the Reviews and frequently asked questions. I included a complete screenshot of the reviews here.

Major modifications need to just be done manually by a Amazon account supervisor upon demand and only after thoroughly evaluating to guarantee it is the exact same product.

Unlike much of the other sellers I pointed out in my 2018 rant who may have been drop-shipment sellers who were offered fake items by a producer and were unconsciously scamming clients, I can honestly say that the seller in this case, “SCORDERS” lacks question intentionally scamming customers as altering the product listing is not something that can be done by mistake.

Sellers who are purposefully scamming consumers like this MUST be eliminated the platform for great. This particular sellers shop has plenty of lots of other flash drives, some appear to be genuine bit others appear to likewise be similar frauds, it appears they are likewise preparing to pull the same stunt on this listing for a Apple Airport Extreme card once the number of bad evaluations for the flash drive start to begin to beat the number of great reviews for the crystal ball.

Positive evaluations are huge business and a few favorable reviews are all it requires to get unsuspecting victims to succumb to the fraud. This is exceptionally devious in the case of flash storage as the victim may not discover this was a scam for months, after losing all of the valuable files they saved into the phony storage gadget.

I have already reported this seller to Amazon and I will absolutely be on the lookout for more.

I make sure this is a fantastic crystal ball however you dont need to me a psychic to see that this is not a 2TB flash drive.

This product listing was really for a “fortune teller crystal ball” however obviously Amazon allows sellers to alter the Product Listing, Category, Product Images and product description while at the same time allows them to keep all existing reviews for the item.