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By Paul Vigna

Earnings season is a great time to not just examine the health of corporate America but also a chance to get a photo of the state of the consumer.

As the reports roll in, financiers will be awash in data, and it can be difficult, particularly in this unpredictable financial environment, to recognize the most telling numbers. The coronavirus pandemic has been a boon to some sectors, such as innovation, while damaging companies in the monetary and energy industries.

The S&P 500 is off simply 0.2% in 2020. The tech sector has risen 17%, while the financial and energy groups are off 22% and 39%, respectively.

Whirlpools North American Sales

Whirlpool Corp. makes washers, clothes dryers and cooking area appliances, so its sales patterns show house owner hunger for big-ticket products. House Depot Inc. and Lowes Cos. deal comparable items, but they sell many other things, it is impossible to know the size of the specific purchases.

Whirlpools quarterly North American sales had actually been pretty steady at about $3 billion for the past two years. Whirlpool shares are down 3.4% this year.

Whirlpool is set up to report results Wednesday.

Discount-Store Sales

Dollar General has yet to set an earnings date.

For a sense of how the customer is faring, have a look at warehouse store.

When times are tough and Americans are looking to conserve money, discount stores are an apparent location. While increasing sales are excellent news, it is an indication that times may be difficult out there.

. Enjoy for Dollar General Corp.s sales. It has 16,000 shops in 46 states, so it has broad reach. Sales were rising through 2018 and 2019 as job development and financial development were reducing. They were up again in the first quarter and are expected to post a rise in the second also. Dollar General shares are up 21% this year, while Walmart is up 11%.

Walmart Inc., the worlds biggest seller, is a great proxy for the state of the consumer. Walmart has been trying to offer more high end items and going toe-to-toe online with Inc

Apples iPhone Sales

The iPhone isnt simply an iconic item. It is an excellent proxy for discretionary spending. Are individuals prepared to pay out more for it, or are they conserving money and purchasing Android phones? Or not buying phones at all?

Apple, shares of which are up 31% this year, is arranged to report July 30.

Sales of the iPhone are predicted to register a fall to $22.21 billion in Apples most recent quarter. That is well below the $29 billion it offered in the previous duration, it most likely shows that people are waiting for the next upgrade cycle.

Apple has a wealthy and faithful customer base that can pay for the phones, even with the current financial conditions, stated Canaccord Genuity expert T. Michael Walkley. The outcomes will offer a sign of how the upper-end customer is faring.

Freddie Macs Mortgage Loans Gains and Losses

Freddie Mac has yet to set a date for its second-quarter report. The stock is down 29% this year.

There is no bigger financial dedication the majority of people will ever make than buying a house.

” All the data in terms of [home mortgage] forbearance weve been viewing like a hawk,” said Larry McDonald, author of the Bear Traps Report newsletter.

The companys quarterly reports have a wealth of important info on the home mortgage market. Watch on the delinquency rate and try to find anything executives say about forbearance efforts as property owners struggle to stay up to date with their bills.

In May, the company reported its delinquency rate on single-family houses rose to 0.81% from 0.64% in April. It had been constant around 0.6% before that.

The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., or Freddie Mac, is a government-sponsored enterprise that buys home mortgages on the secondary market, packages them into securities and after that sells those to financiers.

Exxon Mobils Downstream Operations

Shares are down 38% this year.

Dollar General shares are up 21% this year, while Walmart is up 11%.

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Exxon is set up to report results July 31.

The S&P 500 is off just 0.2% in 2020. The tech sector has risen 17%, while the financial and energy groups are off 22% and 39%, respectively. Whirlpool shares are down 3.4% this year.

Even with the current focus on sustainability, oil is still one of the most important products in the world, and the amount that is being consumed is a proxy for economic activity.

Exxon Mobils “downstream” operations are a crucial location to enjoy. This company sector represents all of its operations, like refining and selling, after it pumps oil out of the ground. Downstream profits is expected to fall to $24.68 billion in the second quarter, from $44.69 billion in the first and $54.03 billion a year earlier. Shares are down 38% this year.