Article: Top Six Pieces of Dirt Cohen Dished on Trump in his Opening Statement

Michael Dean Cohen’s prepared remarks for his public congressional testimony on Wednesday were obtained by Politico.

Here are what struck me as the top six most egregious revelations about Trump’s venality:


1. Trump running for president was just a public relations stunt. He expected to benefit financially.

2. Trump knew that Roger Stone was talking to Julian Assange about releasing emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign because Stone told him so. Trump was all for it.

3. Trump is a stone racist, especially toward persons of African descent. He thought any country run by a “black person” is automatically a “shithole.” Why do I think this is perfectly plausible?


4. Trump really enjoyed screwing over his subcontractors by underpaying them or even stiffing them entirely. As I remember, Hillary Clinton said this during one of their debates. Trump replied that he didn’t pay people who did poor work. Cohen’s testimony suggests it was part greed and part sadism.

5. Trump slept with a porn star and then, in the run-up to election day, made Cohen pay her $160,000 from his own account to make sure she did not spill the beans with an October surprise that would deliver the election to Hillary Clinton. Trump then personally reimbursed Cohen over time. The Trump administration maintained to the public that Cohen used his own money and was never reimbursed.

6. Trump is deceitful and vain, so he had Cohen threaten his high school, colleges and former classmates to keep them from releasing his grades. (Trump had demanded that Obama release his own grades.)

Some of Cohen’s allegations concern Federal crimes, and he has documentation.