Amazon Affiliates face Shocking changes leading to major online shakeup Amazon Affiliates face Shocking changes leading to major online shakeup

Amazon Affiliates face Shocking Changes leading to major online shakeup

Barry McCoy Mar 17,2018

On March 1, 2017, Amazon shocked the affiliate marketing world when they announced their new and updated commission structure for Amazon Affiliates.

And this year, on March 2, 2018, Amazon made even more changes to their commission structures.

These changes are all major in that they deviate from the previous system where your commission rates would increase as you make more sales.

Amazon has moved to a flat rate system with different commission rates that are dependent on product categories for all Amazon affiliates.

Now, if you have an Amazon affiliate site, searching Amazon for high-value, high-cost items of consumer interest – will net you the maximum possible commissions for your efforts.  Some product categories are having their commissions bumped all the way up to 10% Selling these products will be extra lucrative for the right associates in the right situations.

On the other hand, thousands of Amazon affiliates will see their income drop…and many more affiliates are just going to give up and quit the Amazon Associates program, especially if they are only going to earn 1% commissions on some products that may not be worth their time and efforts.

The above situation actually leaves huge gaps of opportunity in the marketplace…

That is, in order to profit from these changes you need to be adaptable, have flexibility and be ready to go after a new niche at a moments notice.

Therefore, if you build sites for Amazon products (and you really should be), you should now be building new sites in these new lucrative categories.  And, all of this needs to be done as quickly and in as few steps as possible.

So, moving forward for Amazon Associates, I have found the best way to monetize that flexibility with new and advanced software that just launched called “ShopABot“.

What happens now is that you will be able to have a system that already contains all the products  – allowing you to switch focus to certain products with a few clicks of the mouse.

With a simple 3 step formula for earning unlimited Amazon Commissions, you can start promoting the highest paying products available.  There is now no wasted time writing and configuring for SEO to take effect.

Since the ShopABot system uses free viral traffic and you don’t have any hosting or other expenses… It means that you can profit where others can’t and you’ll now be ready to jump in and pick up the commissions that most of the others will leave behind.

This is not going to be last major change in Amazon Affiliate marketing,

Here’s the thing… with these deep reductions in commissions on products like electronics and industrial equipment,  Amazon Associates members will make a lot less money referring customers to expensive, profitable items that generate a lot of money each month.

However, there are still some really great things about the Amazon Associates program.

Mainly, Amazon associates can still market their Amazon affiliate links without spending any, or at least very little money at all on promoting their respective links.

With all these recent Amazon Associate changes, it is now very imperative that associates we recommend feature more digital purchases (Kindle books, streaming videos, digital music, etc.). This is because the Commissions for such products are still extremely favorable.

In conclusion, we highly recommend that you check out ShopABot right now to be consistent with the Amazon Affiliate changes and to either minimize commission reductions – or to start making commissions the right way.


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