The Best Way to create Videos that work and convert - Todays News The Best Way to create Videos that work and convert - Todays News

The Best Way to create Videos that work and convert

Admin Mar 16,2018

BREAKING: Launch Price and Bonuses ending on Top Selling Video Software, Video Robot

Video are critical to making an impression, and getting your message across to the masses.

Most news and update sites like,,, and – all use a lot of videos in their online posts and articles.


Because videos that are informative, entertaining and in a professional type quality – all get the most views and coverage from the search engines like Google (that owns YouTube) and Bing.

Most people have actually stayed away from creating high quality and captivating videos because they lacked the tools as well as the knowledge to create the highest quality videos\ productions.  Let’s face it, creating such captivating videos is not an easy thing to do.


However, on March 8, 2018, a new type of video creation software was launched called Video Robot. This new cloud-based software actually allows just about anyone to create captivating videos  – usually,  in a few clicks.

As a matter of fact, the software has sold well over 24,000 copies in less than 7 days… with all sales being done online focusing on the ease and quality of creating professional and high-quality videos.

Video Robot

Take a look at the following sample videos that the software has created:

The early bird launch pricing and bonuses are ending at min\dnight, Friday, March 15, 2018. More details here.

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