WordPress Themes have been a Challenge - until now - Todays News WordPress Themes have been a Challenge - until now - Todays News

WordPress Themes have been a Challenge – until now

Admin Apr 23,2018

by Barry McCoy 4/23/18

WordPress is one of the best and most used CMS (Content Management System) on the web.

However, many users have been having real struggles getting their Blogs and sites set up the way they really want to do the restrictions on the themes and the required coding.

The conventional way of building WordPress site is to buy a theme for each job… the designs are fixed so you can’t change the core elements without hiring a coder.

Before you know it you have a 100 themes with 100 different admin areas half of which will work with your plugins & the other half will cause you conflict problems.

Then you have all the support issues the minute WordPress releases a new version… 1/2 your themes will stop working and there’s often no support from the vendor!

Most WordPress Themes are made to make creating a site as easy as clicking a few buttons or changing data on a pre-filled template page, etc.  This works just fine for most WordPress users.

But, the key area of concern is being able to get a theme setup just the way you want it to be – fitting your requirements, design, and functionality as you want.

Well, today – that has all changed…


There is a new WordPress “theme” that has been launched that actually is not a true theme – but a robust way of allowing you to create your own themes.

That’s right – imagine being able to use a theme in your projects that meets exactly the requirements and design that you want it to be.  You can with the new “ThemeMaker” product that WordPress users are grabbing up at a rapid pace.

The creator has stated that you can “Rapidly build any type of site, any template, and any page that you can dream of…”

We tested the theme builder and it works exactly as described.

If you are an avid WordPress user and frustrated with the way your sites are created, the way they look and function, we recommend checking ThemeMaker out right now.


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