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The Top Article of the Week

Labeling: Your New Secret Sales ToolPete Dupuis,

“I need to get in better shape before I can hire you.”

We’ve all heard the objection before. But we haven’t all heard the answer.

Until now.

General Health

Do’s and Don’ts for Recovering from InjuryTravis Pollen, Fitness Pollenator

Blunt Advice to New Strength and Conditioning Coaches — Erica Suter,

Four Certified Facts About Creatine — Project Swole

Fat Loss

7 Proven + Profitable Models for Adding Nutrition Coaching to a Health and Fitness Business — John Berardi, Precision Nutrition

The Fit Life with Adele — Adele Jones,

Tip: Carb Intake for Natural Lifters — Christian Thibaudeau, T Nation

Strength Training

6-Step Method to Develop Pure StrengthStefan Waltersson, Elite FTS

Training vs. Working Out — Dean Somerset,

The Hardgainer’s Guide to Building Muscle: What the Science Says — Christian Finn, Muscle Evo

Strengthen Your Feet and Lower Legs with These 5 Exercises — Meghan Callaway,


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