California wins injunction against Uber, Lyft classifying drivers as contractors – Engadget

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He delayed enforcement of the ruling for 10 days to allow for appeals, which both business prepare to pursue, while the San Francisco Chronicle reports Uber likewise said it will promote a longer stay. In a declaration, Lyft said “Well right away appeal this judgment and continue to combat for their independence. Eventually, our company believe this problem will be chosen by California voters which they will agree motorists.”

Reuters reports that in the 34-page decision Schulman said theres an “frustrating likelihood” that the state will show the two companies have unlawfully misclassified employees, and that they stop working the laws three-step test to figure out if employees are workers.

The state is suing them, and on Monday afternoon Judge Ethan Schulman of San Francisco Superior Court ruled in favor of approving a preliminary injunction that would obstruct the business from classifying drivers as independent professionals.

California passed Assembly Expense 5 late in 2015 in a quote to reclassify many gig economy workers as employees, therefore far, Lyft and Uber have not done that.