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First, we can say that Calisthenics is one of the oldest disciplines of fitness, practiced for a few centuries now. Today, it’s performed by numerous athletes both amateur and elite and in different sports, since its practice is universal, it has no age limit. It is an activity for all public.

Professional Kinesiologists and sportsmen recommend this type of exercises. Not only to get us in shape and improve our cardio but also to heal knee injuries, herniated disc or diseases such as scoliosis, among others, recommend this type of exercise.

Calisthenics is a system of exercises that focuses its interest and practice in movements of muscle groups. With this, not only seeks development of muscle power but also get coordination and subtlety in the movements, since only the weight of the body is used, just like racing horses before a run.

Currently, and because of the growing evolution and adaptation of different types of physical activities now there are many variants such as Street Workout, CrossFit, and even Parkour. The versatility of the movements is very broad. Many times, different types of bars or rings are used to support the weight of the body.

A Bit of Calisthenics History

The most important reference of calisthenics comes precisely from the father of history, Herodotus. He says that during the Medical Wars, 499-449 BC, the Spartans, and other warriors practiced this activity before a battle, for conditioning their bodies to be ready and alert. In addition, it is also believed that athletes in the Olympics trained in this way.

The term “Calisthenics” comes from the Greek kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength). Modern calisthenics began to spread in the early eighteenth century thanks to Wilson Ovalle Astudillo, mainly in France and England. Already in our days, it became popular, especially thanks to the access to information. It is practiced not only in exercise rooms but also in any place such as parks, gyms, schools, etc.

Types of Calisthenics Exercises

In Calisthenics, exercises are divided into 3 main types:

Different Workout Routines for Different Calisthenics Levels

Regular push-ups – 10 reps.

Pull up to the chin – 6 reps.

Burpee – 10 reps.

Abs – 10 repetitions.

Repeat the same cycle 3 times.

Burpees – 20 reps.

Regular pull-ups – 10 reps.

Underhand chin-ups – 20 reps.

Hyperextensions – 10 reps.

Repeat the same cycle 4 times.

Push-ups with one hand – 15 reps each hand.

Plank – all the time you can support.

Underhand chin-ups – 30 reps.

Jumping Squats – 30 reps.

Abs – 30 reps.

Repeat the same cycle 4 times.

Resting between exercises is extremely important. Either with the goal of gaining agility, power or strength and, depending on our grade of recovery, it will take us more or less to be ready for the next round. The idea is not to neglect the intensity of each exercise and rest enough between each cycle. We have to learn how our body responds to the different hormonal changes according to the type of training or level of calisthenics that we practice.

Obviously, as we gain strength and fitness, we will incorporate more specific and advanced exercises for each part of our body. We can adapt or even – always being very careful – experiment with new positions or gadgets to model our muscles. However, if you feel some pain or uncomfortable with some exercises, just stop.

Advantages of Practicing Calisthenics

It’s free! You do not need to go to an equipped gym or buy expensive exercise equipment. Unless you want to reach a higher level with greater difficulty or experiment with bars, gymnastic rings or weight, you do not need anything more than your body.

Few requirements: The most difficult? Your will! Everything else comes hand in hand. You choose the place. It can be in a park, your living room, your patio, terrace or your garage. Hydrate well and do not stop consuming a healthy diet to see improvements in less time.

It’s fun! You will enjoy doing Calisthenics so much that even your mood will change for the better. Feeling good is priceless. At the same time, this discipline will lead you to know others like you. Not only that. You will show your body with pride.

This fitness activity will undoubtedly make you see the world differently. You will feel the calisthenics exercises give your body more vigor than before to be able to perform movements of strength and dexterity with more complicated with greater naturalness. The satisfaction of having reached a certain level of physical ability also gives you incalculable personal security. No belly, strong abs, full body toned. All you need is the desire to look and feel good. Calisready?!

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