Oil industry sounds alarm on coronavirus dent in demand

Persistent damage to the global economy from the coronavirus pandemic will hollow out demand for oil more than previously thought, major industry figures said on Monday (UK time). The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), energy giant BP and commodities trading giant Vitol all made grim forecasts as rising rates of COVID-19 infections sap hopes for quick recovery….

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Retirements, labor force changes threaten to permanently scar economy

Six months into the pandemic, evidence of longer-term damage to the U.S. labor market is emerging, according to separate analyses of detailed monthly jobs data by labor economists and Reuters. Retirements are drifting up, women aren’t reengaging with the job market quickly, and “temporary” furloughs are becoming permanent—trends that could weigh on the U.S. economic recovery in the short…

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Coronavirus Impact In America Affecting Florida Tourism

Beachgoers, on a nearly empty beach, walk past a lifeguard tower during the coronavirus pandemic, Aug. 11, 2020, on Miami Beach, Fla.

Florida, with some 580-thousand individuals contaminated by the coronavirus, ranks behind only California in the overall variety of cases. A brand-new report explains the impact the pandemic is having on one of Floridas essential markets, traveler. Simply 2 years previously, visitors from the U.S. and abroad contributed more than $90 billion to Floridas economy. With the start of the…

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