Another Coronavirus Casualty: Florida Tourism

Copyright 2020 NPR. To see more, visit With the start of the coronavirus and the resulting lockdowns, social distancing and travel restraints, the tourist agency Go to Florida states in the second quarter almost all of the visitors, 98%, were from the U.S. With around the world travel generally at a grinding halt, visitors from overseas decreased by…

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Lysol is hard to find now that CDC recommends it. What you can do.

Can’t find Lysol disinfectant spray? Here’s what to buy instead

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links might make us a commission. Shayna Murphy, U.S.A. TODAY Lysol is hard to find now that CDC suggests it. As people are trying to remain safe and disinfect their homes during the coronavirus pandemic, families are searching for methods to purchase hand sanitizer, bathroom…

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COVID-19 May Never Go Away — With Or Without A Vaccine

LULU GARCIA-NAVARRO, HOST: Seventy-five years ago this month, the United States dropped atomic bombs on 2 Japanese cities. GARCIA-NAVARRO: And this is when Kokos story ends up being surreal due to the truth that, in a weird twist of fate, she was able to challenge the individual who in reality dropped the bomb on her city. GARCIA-NAVARRO: That conference…

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After Diving Due to COVID-19, Swimsuit Sales See Bouyant Days Ahead– WWD

The category showed signs of fraying around the edges at the start of last summers Miami swim market– NPD Group Inc. at the time attributed flat sales to oversaturation and ath-leisures increase. When COVID-19 hit, swim was extra decreased the value of to a replenishment story, according to Kristen Classi-Zummo, NPDs director of market insights, clothing. Compared to swims…

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Governor Greg Abbott Restores COVID-19 Disaster Statement

Released on March 13th, the Disaster Statement provides the state a range of resources to successfully serve Texans as the Lone Star State continues to reduce the spread of COVID-19. WHEREAS, I, Greg Abbott, Guv of Texas, provided a disaster proclamation on March 13, 2020, licensing under Area 418.014 of the Texas Federal Government Code that the distinct coronavirus…

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Coronavirus Frequently Asked Question: Can An Airline Company Put You On A No-Fly List For Declining To Mask Up?

For those who land on the no-fly list due to the fact that of mask infractions, treatments to get your name gotten rid of would likely differ from airline company to airline, guesses Angeles. Plus, for airline company companies, the threat postured by a traveler without a mask could be an issue, mentions Dr. Julie Cantor, a lawyer and…

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