Texas passes grim milestone of 6,100 COVID-19 deaths

Texas also reported 9,595 COVID-19 clients in the healthcare facility Wednesday and 9,042 recently verified cases, the most in nearly a week. The real number of cases in Texas is likely greater because many individuals have actually not been evaluated, and research studies suggest individuals can be infected and not feel ill. Only deaths directly credited to the COVID-19…

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Indiana coronavirus: New nursing home data suggests Indiana has been undercounting coronavirus deaths

New information suggest Indiana has actually been significantly undercounting coronavirus deaths in nursing homes More than 90% of the states assisted living home, nevertheless, are owned by county healthcare facilities, which are public entities. Many centers reported few or no cases– 127 reported fewer than 5 cases since March 1, 430 reported no cases at all. Of those that…

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A Texas hospital is so overrun with coronavirus cases that officials say it will send the patients least likely to survive home to die

Starr County flying out patients due to hospital capacity, resources low

BUSINESS EXPERT He included that for some patients, “We believe they will be much better made sure in the love of their own family and home instead of thousands of miles away passing away alone,” CBS News reported. Italy has because brought its break out under control. A hospital in Starr County, Texas, is so overrun with coronavirus cases…

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