Trump meets with Florida sheriffs who had attended conference where attendee tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus

Trump meets with Florida sheriffs who had attended conference with COVID-positive colleague Devan Patel Fort Myers News-Press Published 8:39 PM EDT Jul 31, 2020 Florida sheriffs who had attended a conference this week with a COVID-19-infected colleague met Friday afternoon with President Donald Trump.  Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood reported his positive test just hours before more than a…

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Texas passes grim milestone of 6,100 COVID-19 deaths

Texas also reported 9,595 COVID-19 clients in the healthcare facility Wednesday and 9,042 recently verified cases, the most in nearly a week. The real number of cases in Texas is likely greater because many individuals have actually not been evaluated, and research studies suggest individuals can be infected and not feel ill. Only deaths directly credited to the COVID-19…

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Trump attended a fundraiser in Texas without a mask on the day the US hit 150,000 coronavirus deaths

Gohmert consistently declined to wear a mask on the House flooring, saying in an interview with CNN last month that he would only wear a mask only if he contracted the virus. His diagnosis prompted several legislators he had contact with to quarantine. He was likewise in contact with United States Attorney General Bill Barr, who is keeping track…

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