Trump meets with Florida sheriffs who had attended conference where attendee tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus

Trump meets with Florida sheriffs who had attended conference with COVID-positive colleague Devan Patel Fort Myers News-Press Published 8:39 PM EDT Jul 31, 2020 Florida sheriffs who had attended a conference this week with a COVID-19-infected colleague met Friday afternoon with President Donald Trump.  Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood reported his positive test just hours before more than a…

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Scientists fear COVID-19 \

This material was initially released here. At the University of Minnesota, Osterholm stated he expects the coming year will see “intense negotiating to determine who gets vaccines initially and where.” And provided the speed and volume of worldwide travel, he said, countries will need to keep track of the virus development beyond their own borders and be prepared to…

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A Texas hospital is so overrun with coronavirus cases that officials say it will send the patients least likely to survive home to die

Starr County flying out patients due to hospital capacity, resources low

BUSINESS EXPERT He included that for some patients, “We believe they will be much better made sure in the love of their own family and home instead of thousands of miles away passing away alone,” CBS News reported. Italy has because brought its break out under control. A hospital in Starr County, Texas, is so overrun with coronavirus cases…

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How COVID-19 is impacting politics in the United States | AZ Big Media

University of Arizona political researcher Samara Klar is studying the relationship between partisan politics and the prevalence of COVID-19 cases. We discover that in counties where cases are very low, polarized partisans– that is, Democrats and Republicans with strong preferences for their party over the other– are undoubtedly deeply divided along party lines. However, as cases increase in a…

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