Fox News Doctor called his “guide” by Trump during the pandemic

Trump called Fox News doctor his 'guide.' Hear what Keilar calls him

See how CNNs Brianna Keilar examines previous comments versus the plain realities dealing with the U.S. and the Trump Administration today. OPINION: As President Trump recently applauded Fox Newss Dr. Marc Siegel, as his “guide”, you have actually got to see previous comments made by Dr. Marc Siegel. With all the failures of the existing administration in regards to…

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Kayne West Relationship with Kim Has Reportedly ‘Broken Down Significantly’ After Rally Comments

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Relationship Has Reportedly 'Broken Down Significantly' After Rally Comments

ELLE Alyssa Bailey Image credit: John Lamparski – Getty Images Kim is disturbed with Kanye West for his tirades the other day, particularly talking about the possibility of having an abortion and not providing birth to North. Back in May, United States Weekly reported that Kayne West and Kardashian were having difficulty with quarantine. The source added that Wests…

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