Texas passes grim milestone of 6,100 COVID-19 deaths

Texas also reported 9,595 COVID-19 clients in the healthcare facility Wednesday and 9,042 recently verified cases, the most in nearly a week. The real number of cases in Texas is likely greater because many individuals have actually not been evaluated, and research studies suggest individuals can be infected and not feel ill. Only deaths directly credited to the COVID-19…

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Trump attended a fundraiser in Texas without a mask on the day the US hit 150,000 coronavirus deaths

Gohmert consistently declined to wear a mask on the House flooring, saying in an interview with CNN last month that he would only wear a mask only if he contracted the virus. His diagnosis prompted several legislators he had contact with to quarantine. He was likewise in contact with United States Attorney General Bill Barr, who is keeping track…

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Texas’ count of coronavirus deaths jumps 12% after officials change the way they tally COVID-19 fatalities

Texas law requires death certificates to be submitted within 10 days. Hispanic Texans are overrepresented in the states updated death count, making up 47% of deaths, according to health officials, while they comprise about 40% of the states population. White Texans represent 35% of deaths while Black Texans comprise 14% of deaths. Prior to Monday, the states ethnic and…

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Indiana coronavirus: New nursing home data suggests Indiana has been undercounting coronavirus deaths

New information suggest Indiana has actually been significantly undercounting coronavirus deaths in nursing homes More than 90% of the states assisted living home, nevertheless, are owned by county healthcare facilities, which are public entities. Many centers reported few or no cases– 127 reported fewer than 5 cases since March 1, 430 reported no cases at all. Of those that…

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New Single Day Record for Covid-19 cases in Texas

Texas record coronavirus cases

KHOU The Department of State Health Services also reported 9,879 new coronavirus cases in Texas. Chris Costa (KHOU). DSHS reported a seven-day average positivity rate of 14.18 percent since Tuesday, that includes 5 days of decrease from the states peak of 17.43 percent on July 16. Positivity rate shows the percentage of people who evaluate favorable for the virus…

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‘In A Fight For Our Lives’: Mississippi Issues New Mask Order Amid COVID-19 Spike

Rogelio V. Solis/ AP Originally released on July 10, 2020 7:28 pm Simply days back, Reeves blamed the media and protesters for the most recent spike but mentioned no data to back up the claim. Gov. Tate Reeves, speaking on Friday, said Mississippians should “take this as an alarm.” Reeves had earlier closed public schools, minimal unnecessary events to…

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