A Texas hospital is so overrun with coronavirus cases that officials say it will send the patients least likely to survive home to die

Starr County flying out patients due to hospital capacity, resources low

BUSINESS EXPERT He included that for some patients, “We believe they will be much better made sure in the love of their own family and home instead of thousands of miles away passing away alone,” CBS News reported. Italy has because brought its break out under control. A hospital in Starr County, Texas, is so overrun with coronavirus cases…

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Coronavirus Outbreak in Richmond, TX long care facility with reported 17 cases

17 COVID-19 cases reported at long-term care facility in Richmond

All locals, health care specialists and staff at the Cambridge Health and Rehabilitation Center will now be checked on Thursday, July 23. The city says its dealing with the Texas Health Department and Texas Department of Emergency Management to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. . If you have friend or family that are clients or employees at the…

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New Single Day Record for Covid-19 cases in Texas

Texas record coronavirus cases

KHOU The Department of State Health Services also reported 9,879 new coronavirus cases in Texas. Chris Costa (KHOU). DSHS reported a seven-day average positivity rate of 14.18 percent since Tuesday, that includes 5 days of decrease from the states peak of 17.43 percent on July 16. Positivity rate shows the percentage of people who evaluate favorable for the virus…

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