Coronavirus and the economy – what if it’s not as bad as we fear?

What should we be doing to prepare, in case a viable vaccine presents itself sooner rather than later? Image: iStock

Coronavirus may or may not be as bad as we fear. However… The race to produce a vaccine against Covid-19 is well and truly on. On its progress rests the outlook for the world economy and the fate of thousands of businesses internationally – and in Ireland. Without knowing whether a vaccine will appear, when it might be available…

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After Western Wall riots, police prepare for violence at Balfour protests – The Jerusalem Post

Jewish worshippers break through the barricades at the Western Wall during Tisha B'Av prayers (photo credit: OLIVIER FITOUSSI/FLASH90)

After hundreds stormed through security in anger over the coronavirus restrictions put in place to limit the number of people praying at the Western Wall on Wednesday night – the beginning of Tisha B’Av – police are preparing for violence during protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in front of his official residence on Thursday night. On Wednesday night,…

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UPS delivered over 21 million packages on average every day in the second quarter thanks to the coronavirus pandemic

A UPS worker stands near a retail space for lease from Lincoln Property Company as New York City moves into Phase 2 of re-opening following restrictions imposed to curb the coronavirus pandemic on July 1, 2020 in New York, New York. Phase 2 permits the re-opening of office jobs, real estate services, in-store retail services such as rentals, repairs and hair salons, and outdoor dining. Rob Kim/Getty Images

UPS delivered an average of 21.1 million packages daily in the second quarter, it said Thursday, a 22.8% increase from last year. For the three months ended June 31, the logistics giant’s financials topped investor expectations. The surge in home deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic has helped pad against a decline in business-to-business shipping. The coronavirus-induced boon for home…

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