Flashback: Joe Biden Is Introduced Before Crowd As ‘Our Next Vice President’ (Watch)

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The following article, Flashback: Joe Biden Is Introduced Before Crowd As ‘Our Next Vice President’ (Watch), was first published on Flag And Cross.

**Originally published in March, 2020** Vice President. Err, president. I mean…former Vice President. Ugh, it’s so dang hard to get Joe Biden‘s title correct. It would seem as though Joe’s forgetfulness is now rubbing off on his supporters.

Before pulling off primary victories in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi on Tuesday night, this happened.

It’s nothing too crazy. Just funny.

The person who introduced Joe Biden at his event just now in Ohio said “I am grateful for his leadership and ready and determined to do whatever it takes to make him our NEXT VICE PRESIDENT.”

This is a pattern.

Does the Biden campaign not know what office Joe is running for? pic.twitter.com/HY7dRBcflT

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) March 10, 2020


From Fox News:

Joe Biden will win the pivotal primary contest in the state of Michigan, in addition to his victories in Mississippi and Missouri earlier Tuesday night, Fox News projects, building on the former vice president’s momentum from Super Tuesday a week ago and bringing him much closer to the Democratic presidential nomination.

With these wins alone, Biden is likely to substantially grow his delegate lead over Sanders, even as the results of three more races are still outstanding.

BREAKING: Joe Biden wins Michigan Democratic Primary, NBC News projects. https://t.co/ye9hMeT3Uj pic.twitter.com/0YP0zmVaTK

— NBC News (@NBCNews) March 11, 2020

If a Republican presidential candidate appeared to suggest that a female politician (or a woman, in general) didn’t “have the brains,” they’d be forced to call it quits ASAP.

The mainstream media outrage would be fierce. That campaign would be over.

Luckily for former Biden, inarguably the most absent-minded liberal running for office today, he doesn’t have an (R) at the end of his title so he gets a pass for dunking on former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, suggesting she’s not the brightest crayon in the drawer.

But Nikki shot back.

From Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, Jamie Lovegrove, a reporter for the Post And Courier covering the South Carolina primary, reported that former Vice President Joe Biden, in an attempt to woo South Carolina voters, attacked former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for refusing to expand Medicaid, appearing to start saying she “didn’t have the brains.”

Biden has started criticizing @NikkiHaley more directly in South Carolina recently for declining to expand Medicaid here.

In Georgetown, he appears to start saying she “didn’t have the brains” before stopping himself and changing it to “foresight” because he wants to “be polite” pic.twitter.com/xjT3Y2RL4H

— Jamie Lovegrove (@jslovegrove) February 26, 2020

Haley’s response:

Hold up Joe. I will put my brain up against yours anytime. Bring it. #GodBlessJoe https://t.co/x5bfrVCrCa

— Nikki Haley (@NikkiHaley) February 26, 2020


Bless his heart.

— Federalist Musket🇺🇸 (@Patriot_Musket) February 26, 2020

I almost feel sorry for him.

— Jay (@OneFineJay) February 26, 2020


— Brad Bandido! (@BradEssex) February 26, 2020

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