Grocery Store Hacks, Save Big on Groceries without coupons

Ready to save money on your next shopping trip?

Watch how Jordan Page is in what appears to be a Walmart store – and showing you live how to save money while shopping in the store.

You will see how taking a little more time on watching things like the price per ounce – can actually save a lot of money. For example, a lot of shoppers simply grab that pre-packaged bag of veggies – thinking they are saving money (and time)…but in reality, the price per pound of non-pre-packed items is actually lower in most cases.

In other ways, you can save a lot of money by bagging your own produce…

Also, regarding name brand products versus the store brand – did you know some products actually come off the same conveyor belt, but are simply packaged under different names?   Examples she discusses are items like cheese products.

Most people have heard of some of the techniques that are shown – but when you actually see things live, it really presents your savings in a much better way.  Achieving such savings actually requires a mindset change from most shoppers and a commitment to saving money.  There are several simple strategies being demonstrated that result in going a little extra to put dollars in your pocket that can be used for those “want’ items rather than your “need” products.

For those of you that feel taking a few seconds longer in shopping for savings is a waste of time  – they will eventually see that those pennies actually add up over time.


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