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An American hero has actually handed down. John Lewis. I have a feeling his services will be similar to those befitting a President.

He ended up being included in the civil liberties motion in the 1960s. Helped organize the March on Washington where Martin Luther King Jr. offered his “I Have A Dream” speech.

I can not visualize Melania sending Barron off to school in the next few months.

Trump explained the protesters as “violent anarchists.” He “cheered” the methods being used.

There have been protests in Portland, Oregon recently. Never ending ones.

The other reason “technical reason”. Federal agents from any source existed to enforce federal laws. Particularly, “assaults on federal agents or threat to federal home.”

A fascinating question. Suppose the schools do not resume. Will school taxes be refunded?

One, apparently to stop violence. Problem is there was no violence till Trumps soldiers showed up. Then matters intensified.

I worry November 3 might be too far away. Too late.

Lewis stood high for what he believed. He remained in the front line in Selma on Bloody Sunday marching throughout the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965. He was beaten so badly he suffered a fractured skull.

First, Trump will not run. He is not the type to openly accept defeat. He will find some factor to gracefully withdraw.

Others “detained” were swept away in black unmarked automobiles.

The 2 groups not recognizable I think were members of ICE and Border Patrol Military.

Things got bad last night. Really bad.

Trump stated there were 2 reasons he sent out the forces in.

For the past 33 years, Trump has actually been a U.S. Congressman.

He was not in Rome at the time. Thirty five miles away in his nation rental property. Inaccurate history tells us Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. He could not have. The fiddle had not been developed.

Trump would unlawfully remain in power safeguarded by ICE and Border Patrol Military.

My night out this evening! Cocktails at 7 with Cathy in Seattle by means of Skype.

Trumps numbers are way down. The pandemic is killing him. The economy worsening by the day. Trumps reelection on November 3 in severe doubt. Lots of know it. Trump needs to recognize it.

Nero did put the fire to excellent usage. He blamed the Christians. Fed them to the lions and crucified them.

When he passed away, Lewis 80. His death not simple. Trigger pancreatic cancer.

It was on this date in 64 AD that Rome burned. Many believe Nero started the fire. He wished to restore parts of Rome.

Some describe ICE and the Border Patrol Military as Trumps individual army.

The other is Trump will lose, however refuse to leave the White House. He will declare the election was rigged.

Why the blog site title? Why do I ask the question whether Portland represents the start of completion for the U.S.?

Dont ask me what to do. I do not understand at this phase.

There were some that were identifiable from 2 particular firms. The U.S. Marshall and the Department of Homeland and Security. They may be explained as non-consequential when compared to the others state.

Annie sometimes comments to my blog. Her comment yesterday involved school reopenings.

Historians do decline the theory that Nero burned Rome.

I have actually been stating because not long after Trump was elected that ICE was being developed into Trumps Gestapo. Their numbers and training have actually increased. They always seem to be where Trump requires to reveal force.

The “secret” military systems were shooting bullets considered less than lethal. However among the protesters was struck in the head. His skull and other facial bones fractured. His face was reconstructed in surgery.

The Border Patrol Military are newer than ICE. Technically connected with the Border Patrol. They get special forces training and are offered to Trump as he desires.

Trump will decline defeat. Not part of his nature. I visualize one of two things happening.

If he does stay in the White House, who will remove him? Will the U.S. Army do it? National Guard systems?

Protesters were consistently tear gassed.

Everyone from the local Congressman, Mayor and Police Chief have actually complained Trumps actions unlawful and to get out of town.

As he had threatened, Trump sent in federal soldiers. Not exactly sure in every circumstances who they were. They can be described as “unidentified.” Uniforms non-descript black or green military tiredness. Neither insignias nor names identified. Black unmarked cars and trucks used.

A few protesters were apprehended. I think all released. Makes good sense. No judge would hold them. Probable cause was not involved.

Lewis was a civil rights leader. He stood beside Martin Luther King Jr. Born to sharecropper parents, he was one of 10 kids.

If the Trumps would be sending out Barron to school if schools reopened, Annie encouraged a reporter asked Press Secretary Kelly Anne Conway. Conway refused to address.

May he rest in peace.

I think Trumps actions unlawful. He is not the law. He is President. He has actually never acknowledged the difference.

Enjoy your day!

As he had threatened, Trump sent out in federal soldiers. I have actually been stating since quickly after Trump was chosen that ICE was being turned into Trumps Gestapo. They always appear to be where Trump has requirement to show force.

They receive special forces training and are offered to Trump as he desires.

I believe Trumps actions unlawful.

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