Money driving MLB, sports to risk coronavirus disaster

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He and Norton get to work, spending the week in preparation,– Norton playing on the piano every tune they can discover but prefacing every tune with a couple of bars of Stephen Fosters “Swanee River” till Ralph needs he cut it out.

MLB advises me of that fantastic “Honeymooners” episode when Ralph wins an area on the “$ 99,000 Answer.” Through large anxious panic, he selects to return next week to address concerns about something he knows little about: music.

Showtime arrives, and Ralph smugly states to the quizmaster that, “I plan to go directly on, advance, to the $99,000 answer!”

The Houston Astros cancelled their workout Saturday after a personnel …

Ralphs mumbles in search of a response till the quizmaster tells him he need to have a response. Ralph meekly responds to, “Ed Norton”?

To that comparable end, we have MLB, in the sustaining middle of a pandemic, smugly stating it plans to “forge ahead!” opening an abridged, spectator-less season with a made-for-TV-money Yankees at Nationals video game on July 23 in, naturally, prime-time television.

Then theres picked personal behavior, such as Clevelands Franmil Reyes, who excused his recent no-mask attendance at a no-distancing party.

Well, way down upon the Swanee River and best of luck. Obviously MLB feels that on July 23, all 30 teams and its taking a trip parties and clubhouse teams– hundreds of individuals– will be immune from the fatal virus. All the busses, taxis, planes, hotels, chairs and airports completely examined and sanitized.

But who cares? Play ball!

The exact same will take place in the renewed NBA and NHL seasons and within NFL training camps.

MLB mightve– ought tove– cautiously and judiciously put this season to bed. However, as typical, even if it leads to a ventilator, follow the cash.

Given that spectators will be banned, what else could drive the four-month postponed start of the season other than TELEVISION cash? Its certainly not the desire to finest guarantee the health of gamers and those who surround them. Positive infection tests might replace the torn quad and Tommy John surgery as the medical problem du jour.

I definitely hope Im incorrect, but I cant see this working out. These video games– and all they include– will not be played within petri dishes and test tubes. Theyre ballparks and what it takes to get here in them, not biohazard control centers.

Of course, when the fresh cases develop and those contaminated have their contacts and journeys examined, there will be a freak-out element that the logical might predict but MLB overlooked in favor of fingers-crossed millions in TELEVISION cash, plus the sale of “MLB 2.0” caps.

These replays make you miss uncluttered broadcasts

Those who have actually been watching not-so and old MLB video games on TV and YouTube seem inevitably and happily struck by the easy beauty of the former video game, no artificial additives as offered by TV and players unnecessary peccadillos. In no particular order:

1. The lack of a computerized, one-size-fits-all strike-box graphic placed over live play. A clear, unfettered view of pitcher-to-batter had become a forgotten enjoyment.

2. No stalling on the mound or from the batters box. The pitchers took the indication and tossed. The batters mainly remained in the box between pitches.

3. No look-what-we-can-do! graphics– such as launch angles, exit velocities and the always irrelevant catch likelihoods. If a pop-up was struck more difficult than a line drive, no one required aid to determine.

4. No stoppages for microscopic, freeze-frame evaluations of close calls, a completely unexpected however constant drag on modern baseball. Close was self-evident, comprehended and indulged– no matter which way the call went.

As sports gradually go back to action during the coronavirus pandemic, …

5. TV commentators who permitted the video game, and not their limitless verbal existence, to be the top priority.

6. The video games featured multiple abilities, thus the shift– in the couple of cases it appeared– could be defeated by not trying to pull the ball, and even, God forbid, a bunt.

Running to any base or after balls in the space or against the wall were not an alternative. No one ran the risk of losing a triple or double by posing at the plate, and those who hit home runs were already too far previous very first to high-five the first-base coach.

8. Effective beginners and relievers were not pulled as a matter of pre-planning. To try to script a video game before it began was the work of the absurd.

9. The pace of games was such that video games had little possibility of becoming boring.

10. Old Yankee Stadiums finest seats were filled.

11. No conflating World Series stats with postseason statistics.

12. Organ music that allows fans– particularly kids and dads– to discuss the video game rather than try to yelp over roaring rap and heavy metal.

Why have all of the above practically disappeared? Why has “the game changed” end up being an appropriate reason? I dont know however there cant be any good factors.

All not well with Maxwell

What missed out on the cut in that story was Maxwells occurring arrest for pointing a weapon at a female food delivery worker who d been contacted us to his house. He took a plea offer and was put on probation.

This content was initially published here.

The silence on this matter confirms that validates growing double-standard has become glaringly indisputable and so ended up being it unassailable open-minded, unbiased people sensible.

Sure made a significant story last week, former As catcher Bruce Maxwells lament that he has been persona non grata throughout MLB since he took a knee throughout the national anthem. If just it were true, how unfortunate ….

Meanwhile– on behalf of oblivious, selectively blind lunatics– the NFL continues to take its decent-minded fan base for given– and more than ever, thats a mistake.

DeSean Jackson said sorry. The Eagles wide …

Paragons of virtue: Wouldnt it be beautiful if the Wilpons, greed-suckered into two Ponzi schemes, offered a piece of the Mets to Steve Cohen, a hedge-funder whose firm SAC Capital was fined a record $1.2 billion for expert trading, and to Alex Rodriguez, enriched (and suspended) by MLB and its teams as a steroid cheat.

Evaluating from the NFLPAs silence, the union is great with DeSean Jacksons insanely stupid, hateful and inflammatory “enlighten my people” anti-Jewish posts. Where is NFLPA president DeMaurice Smith on this? Did he and Roger Goodell receive a group discount on a bunker?

Could not wait to see Rob Manfred smile through that initial announcement.

Ralphs mumbles in search of a response until the quizmaster tells him he should have a response. Obviously MLB feels that on July 23, all 30 teams and its taking a trip parties and clubhouse teams– hundreds of people– will be immune from the fatal virus. These video games– and all they incorporate– will not be played within petri dishes and test tubes. To try to script a video game prior to it started was the work of the absurd.

Why has “the video game altered” become an appropriate reason?