NBA All-Star 2020 event tracker, latest news: Lakers’ Dwight Howard to make his return to Slam Dunk Contest –

As amazing as it sounds, we are nearing the halfway point of the NBA season. Most teams will play their 41st game at some point next week, and with half of the season soon to be in the books, it’s time to look ahead to one of the regular season’s biggest highlights: All-Star Weekend. 

The league’s annual All-Star Saturday Night events will take place on Saturday, Feb. 15 at Chicago’s United Center, with the NBA All-Star Game being played on Sunday night in the same arena. While the league hasn’t announced any participants competing in Saturday night’s festivities yet, fans can still get excited about Dwight Howard officially entering the Slam Dunk contest and the possibility of Luka Doncic and Trae Young being invited to face off against each other in the Three-Point Contest. Here is everything you need to know about All-Star Weekend. 

NBA Rising Stars Challenge

Format: The league selects the top players in either their first or second NBA seasons to participate in this event. Those players are split up into two teams to play in an exhibition game — one representing the United States, the other representing the rest of the world. Each team has 10 players: four backcourt players, four frontcourt players, and two wild cards. 

 The players have not yet been selected for this event.

Skills Challenge

Format: A bracket of eight of the most skilled players in the NBA is built to complete an on-court obstacle course testing almost every ability one would need to survive and thrive in the league. Players compete against one another head-to-head, with the first finisher moving on each round until a winner is declared. 

The contestants for this event have not yet been selected. However, some potential selections have been rumored.

3-Point Contest

Format: Eight of the NBA’s best 3-point shooters are tested for their marksmanship one at a time in this event. Each shooter has one minute to take 30 total shots from behind the arc from five different spots. The final ball at each spot is called the Moneyball, and is worth an extra point. The top three finishers in the first round advance to the final round. 

The contestants for this event have not yet been selected. However, some potential selections have been rumored.

Slam Dunk Contest

Format: Four of the NBA’s most explosive dunkers are given free rein over the court to dunk twice in front of a panel of judges. Those judges score each dunk on a scale from 0-50 based on the skill, athleticism and creativity involved. The two top dunkers based on cumulative score move on and dunk twice more before a winner is declared. 

Only one contestant for this event has been announced officially, but several others have been rumored. 

NBA All-Star Game

Format: A combination of fan voting, media voting and coach voting select 12 players from each conference to compete in the All-Star Game. A 13th player can be included at the commissioner’s discretion, as was the case last season when Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki were added. Once the All-Stars have been named, the two leaders in fan voting draft their teams from the pool of players who have been selected. 

Rosters have not yet been announced. However, we do have the latest voting totals from fans, which represent 50 percent of the formula for selecting starters (with media and the league’s head coaches comprising 25 percent each). 

East Backcourt

East Frontcourt

West Backcourt

West Frontcourt

*Projected captain

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