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Its like you all woke up today and forgot that police typically value the white female body higher than other races (specifically black women). Every time that I look at that picture I believe that things would be so different if it had actually been a naked black lady sitting there with her vagina on display to those officers. And I truly have to wonder where she got the concept that would be what black people really needed in this fight was for her to sit naked in front of those officers. I truly think on what the idea process need to have been her to decide that the best method to keep black bodies safe and shift the perspective on black bodies was to Bear her own. Im sitting heavy with the remembrance of what happens when black ladies reveal their bodies in public and the things that are said about them.

MINNEAPOLIS– On July 15, the Wellspring Coven included an update to their initial statement worrying Kenny Klein and his current death. They shared a message with The Wild Hunt, “In a note initially released on April 21st, 2017 we openly condemned the actions Kenny Klein was founded guilty of and specified our belief that justice was promoted in his conviction. Our company believe the victims. As a group, we declared him unwanted in our circles and unsuited to hand down the tradition. While updating this statement to show his passing we felt the requirement to connect to the wider community with this message in light of the other messages that have been spread.”
Blue Star shared a longer message on their site, part of which is listed below.
Update On An Old Note Published On Our Facebook Page In April Of 2017, You May Read The Old Post Below.
Saturday July 11th, Kenny Klein passed away due to problems from pancreatic cancer. We hold compassion for those who are grieving for the man they thought they knew, however also for the individuals who will now never discover closure from the damage he did.
Woman Miel, 3rd Degree of Wellspring Coven and Grove
PORTLAND, Ore.– Over the weekend, demonstrations over racial inequality and the presence of federal militarized continued. One specific demonstration drew severe criticism from members of the Black community who have actually been at the center of organizing the demonstrations.
An image and accompanying video bearing the hashtag #NakedAthena on Twitter showed a woman wearing nothing but a beanie and a mask standing prior to a police line and performing yoga positions.
The female was not connected to the group organizing the protest, and Black community leaders felt her performance interfered with their message.
Other Black neighborhood members took to various platforms to describe why her demonstration was both bothersome and harmful.
Sarah Penn, a Black, eclectic professional had this to state on social networks:
Im sharing some feelings, reverse now if not interested (certainly ready to talk about naked demonstration woman):.
Im currently truly exhausted of this image of the naked white woman who did yoga and sat down at a demonstration. Its like you all woke up today and forgot that police often value the white female body higher than other races (specifically black women). There was never a question that they were never going to hurt her, they were not.
I feel some sort of way about this. Everyones calling her a warrior and a goddess. Are they not goddesses?
Every time that I look at that picture I believe that things would be so various if it had been a naked black lady sitting there with her vaginal area on display to those officers. What if it has been a fat lady?
I value that shes making an effort to attempt to further the movement. Im already getting tired. This is not the biggest leader that weve seen in this motion. And I think we need to ask ourselves some concerns about why we feels by doing this about it. Its one of the most significant acts of centering Ive ever seen. She put herself in the center of the problem. And all the discussions about her have actually centered on her nudity, and not even about what she was there to do, which is to oppose bigotry and police cruelty against the black body.
I think typically about injecting assistance where it has actually not been requested. You understand there is absolutely a consent issue there. And I truly have to wonder where she understood that would be what black individuals truly required in this battle was for her to sit naked in front of those officers. I actually believe on what the thought procedure must have been her to decide that the very best way to keep black bodies safe and shift the viewpoint on black bodies was to Bear her own. I have actually not heard a single black individual state that they believed this is what would bring us to Freedom. To have more white ladies get naked in front of the authorities.
Im sitting heavy with the remembrance of what takes place when black ladies reveal their bodies in public and the things that are stated about them. She cant even go to an award show without being slut shamed. And thats simply one of many.
As far as me personally as a black person, this is not what I want as far as allyship. I want rather to see allies holding my siss bodies as precious, seeing us in the battle and acknowledging us as tranquil delicate warriors.Penn mentions how rap artist Megan Thee Stallion has actually been treated by media, and in another comment, discusses the blowback that Serena Williams received when Vanity Fair released an article that included partially nude pictures of her while pregnant taken by Annie Leibovitz. TIME also released an analysis of the images of Beyoncé.
LokiFest 2020 announced recently the in-person occasion has actually been transferred to an online format. The conference is arranged to take location on August 1, utilizing the Zoom platform and is created for Lokeans and Pagans interested in the conversation of spiritual paths and practice that refer to the Norse god, Loki Laufeyjarson.
The style for Loki Fest 2020 is community and relationship and will include discussions by Dagulf Loptson, Ky Greene, Randolf McClain, John Story, Justin Nichols, Madison Seale, Stacey Woodward, Amy Marsh, and others. The conference is complimentary, however those wanting to take part need to register ahead of time to receive information required for access to the discussions and workshops.
Crossings of the Veil.
The Wild Hunt discovered that Greg Harder Crossed the Veil on June 17th, 2020. The announcement was personal until just recently.
Greg was a Witch who was thoroughly involved in the Pagan community as a mild and peaceful leader considering that the 1970s. He was an Elder of the New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn in addition to a Gardnerian Elder.
Greg was likewise extremely involved with the Covenant of the Goddess which he had served as National Public Information Office and National Second Officer. Greg is kept in mind in CoG as an elder who, as mentioned in a newsletter, was an individual who “tirelessly worked to enhance the face of CoG to the public and it shows.
Greg got the Covenants Award of Honor is 2016.
Greg was dedicated to enhancing intergroup bonds. He launched a Facebook page called People of the Earth, a project to go over Indigenous concerns and Earth-related problems. He likewise handled the social media existence for North America Interfaith Network (NAIN) and the United Religions Initiative-Multiregion. The United Religions Initiative, wrote “His commitment to interfaith outreach was fueled by his genuine desire to break the barriers amongst people who fear one another.”.
Greg was likewise a remarkable professional photographer and kindly contributed those skills to lots of Pagan groups and organizations. His artwork and images can be seen on Flickr.
As a videographer, Greg made a documentary called “Between the Worlds”, that included a series of Northern Californian Craft and Pagan routines, occasions, performances and entertainers, and excerpts from Goddess Television Productions.
Greg was involved as a photojournalist through the Pagan News Collective and The Wild Hunt sharing his images many times. He covered not only Covenant events but likewise occasions like Pagan Pride Los Angeles and Parliament of World Religions from a Pagan angle.
Greg is survived by his spouse Rachael Watcher.
May he rest in the arms of the Goddess and may he return with restored strength and enthusiasm.
What is remembered lives!
In other news:.
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Card: Major arcana, (6), The Lovers.
The week ahead holds the potential for lots of distractions and harmful conditions for those who do not take note. Whatever is loved in the heart– be it another individual, location, and even a cause– it would be a good idea to remember the responsibilities and even consequences that often accompany those enjoys.
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