Photos and videos of the Chiefs championship parade as Kansas City celebrates first Super Bowl win in 50 years –

The Kansas City Chiefs are continuing their celebrations with the event Chiefs Kingdom has been waiting 50 years for: The parade. The championship parade allows fans to party with the team, even if they were not able to make it to the big game and always brings unforgettable moments and wild videos.Β 

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the bunch are still on a high following their 31-20 comeback win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV and have been non-stop celebrating since the first pieces of confetti fell at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.Β 

Travis Kelce kicked off the wild celebrations earlier this week by turning the Lombardi Trophy into a beer luge, Mahomes paid a visit to Disney World and coach Andy Reid celebrated his long-awaited first big win with a cheeseburger.Β 

On Wednesday, the team boarded up double-decker buses and headed to the streets of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, to greet fans who waited hours in the cold and the snow to catch a glimpse at their champs. The parade started off with a car chase, but things to be going a lot smoother since then.

Here are some of the sights and sounds out of Kansas City:

Fans flooded in early this morning decked out in red and yellow.


(and more coming)

β€” Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs)

Chiefs fans out in full force early! Still 4 hours until #ChiefsKingdomParade begins. Wow!

β€” PeytonsHead (Retired) (@BigHeadBS)

This fan is living in 2050.Β 

According to, the high for Wednesday was 29 degrees, so fans needed to bundle up or get creative in order to stay warm.Β 

This guy says it’s nearly 80 degrees inside this pod. This is how you wait for the parade. #ChiefsKingdomParade #chiefsparade #ChiefsKingdom

β€” Charlie Keegan (@CharlieKeegan41)

As the fans were getting ready, the players were getting ready as well.

What is a championship parade without a “We Are the Champions” sing-a-long?


β€” Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs)

If you’ve ever wondered what the view from the team buses during a championship parade looked like, look no further.


β€” Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs)

The players have exited the vehicles and the dance moves have come out.


β€” Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs)

Mahomes, the season is over, no need to keep showing off that arm.


Super Bowl MVP: CHECK

Beer chugging MVP: Tied with Kelce but still, CHECK

he knows how to play and he knows how to chug. @PatrickMahomes #ChiefsKingdomParade #ChiefsKingdom

β€” Rachel DeYoung (@RachelEDeYoung)

Mahomes and Kelce are a dynamic duo on the field and a dynamic dancing duo as well.


This is the moment the fans have all been waiting for.Β 

Here comes the Lombardi Trophy for the Super Bowl winning Kansas City Chiefs at the #ChiefsKingdomParade in downtown KC. Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniwmy proudly holds that trophy high for all of the cheering fans to see. It is such a great atmosphere out here.

β€” Ryan H. Marshall (@RMarshallSports)

Reid has been waiting for this moment for a long time.


Athletes, they’re just like us.Β 

Mahomes visiting the porta potty live on TV during the Chiefs Kingdom Champions Parade #KAKEnews #SuperBowlparade #Mahomes #Chiefsparade #Chiefskingdom

β€” Angie at KAKE (@AngieKansas)

Safe to say Kelce is having a good time.

Travis Kelce on the mic is everything I needed right now. #ChiefsKingdomParade

β€” Mitchel Summers (@WIBWMitchel)

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