To the Jerusalem protestors: Demonstrate, don’t riot – The Jerusalem Post

Israeli police officers scuffle with demonstrators during a protest against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside Prime Minister official residence in Jerusalem on July 14, 2020 (photo credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)
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Opposition leader Yair Lapid tweeted it well, after a

The haredim were opposing what they deem the heavy-handed methods the state has actually been utilizing in securing down closures on ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods struck terribly by corona, and the Saturday night presentation was a reflection of the monetary discomfort and insecurity felt by many who have lost companies and incomes to COVID-19.

There is more to this season of demonstrations than simply anger at Netanyahu for staying in power while on trial for bribery charges. Tuesday evenings demonstration might have been versus Netanyahu, however Monday evenings protests in haredi areas of Jerusalem, as well as the 10,000-strong presentation in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on Saturday night were not.

Jerusalem Police Chief Doron Yedid tried to dismiss Tuesday nights presentation as simply a lot of rabble-rousing leftists, regretfully stating as much on camera right before an interview. This badly misses the point.

Even rabble-rousing leftists, in a democratic nation, have the right to demonstration, as do rabble-rousing rightists. But, as one lady and male shrieked at Yedid when they heard his words: “Not simply leftists– there were Likudniks here. We are the individuals.”

The message of those objecting– that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can not remain in power while he is under examination for breaking the law– is watered down when the protesters themselves break the law during their demonstrations. Protesters demonstrating versus Netanyahu for weakening the justice system are not helping their arguments by tossing eggs and bottles at the infantryman of that legal system.

Second, the political recognition of the protesters is inconsequential. Today those who desire to bring down Netanyahu, tomorrow those who will desire to bring down Lapid. Today inhabitants, tomorrow Peace Now.

They all have the right to

The bottom line is that nobody here is the enemy: not the protesters, not the reporters, not the authorities.

And the Police require to be cautious. They need to give licenses for demonstrations so individuals can let off steam. Corona should not be used as an excuse to curb the legitimate right to protest. And if the protesters then violate the conditions of the demonstration, the authorities need to act– within factor.

There is no mild method to break up a gathering of angry individuals blocking traffic, however unjustified force need not be used. Utilize what measures require to be used to maintain public order, but absolutely nothing more.

As Lapid wrote: We have no other country.

Even rabble-rousing leftists, in a democratic nation, have the right to protest, as do rabble-rousing rightists. Second, the political recognition of the protesters is insignificant. They need to offer authorizations for protests so people can let off steam. Corona must not be utilized as a reason to suppress the genuine right to protest. And if the protesters then violate the conditions of the presentation, the authorities require to act– within factor.

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The cops needs to be applauded for not taking out their batons against the protesters Tuesday night, however condemned when officers go overboard in their use of physical force to clear streets of prohibited protests, be it in Tel Aviv, Mea Shearim, Yitzhar or Um al-Fahm. Events of cops cruelty versus individual protesters require to be handled rigorously.