Why Trump actually flipped his forceful stance on not wearing a mask – poor poll data

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Even as physicians and experts have stated that mask do assist with the battle against Covid-19, Trump just continues to minimize the pandemic and break expert encourage – specifically regarding the using of masks.

This comes after months of declining to use a mask, and more disturbing – simply days after his Fox News interview where he stated he is not going to use a mask.


Why the sudden modification – see the following video for the very best reason to date:.

We are United in our effort to beat the Invisible China Virus, and lots of people state that it is Patriotic to use a face mask when you cant socially distance. There is no one more Patriotic than me, your preferred President! pic.twitter.com/iQOd1whktN.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 20, 2020.

Article and video originally appeared here.

Masks not required … No matter where you stand on the continuing and lethal pandemic, the Trump administration has “bigly” faltered. This failure is evidenced by really ludicrous and outright lies, conspiracy theories and abrupt modification of stances, particularly with the significance of using masks.

However, on Monday, President Trump really tweeted his “support” for masks, stating that masks are patriotic..