Trump used Philly girl’s story to attack ‘failing’ schools — but she’s at one of the city’s most desired charters

On Saturday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Weekends,” two Black commentators — progressive podcaster Danielle Moodie-Mills and GOP strategist Shermichael Singleton — slammed President Donald Trump’s attempt to win over African-American voters.

“What was going through your mind, Danielle, as you were watching the State of the Union?” asked host Alex Witt.

“I can’t say that on national television, Alex,” said Moodie-Mills. “I wasn’t thrilled. I will say that. I think Trump is doing what he does, which is lie as much as he possibly can in order to get appeal from his base to, you know — I think this appeal to the African-American community is one that is just absolutely hollow. All you have to do is listen to the words that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth and then follow that by looking at the actions that he has taken. Donald trump is a racist. 83 percent of African-Americans who have eyeballs are aware of that fact. So anybody who would decide after they have seen this over the past three and a half years, the actions that he has taken and want to vote for him? I don’t know what to do with those people.”

If many in the public had not seen the viral photo of Donald Trump with his windblown hair and what appears to be a substantial amount of make-up plastered on his face, they likely have seen it now after the president retweeted with a complaint that it is “fake news.”

OK, imagine for a moment that you are Donald Trump and you want to strike back at a Congress, at the FBI, at the Deep State and fully half the country for having the temerity to challenge you. I know, you don’t want to put yourself in that situation, but it seems necessary to try it out just to prepare for the retaliation program that is headed our way.

Normally, you’d have to worry just a bit about what is legal. But that limitation has been taken away with a. Senate acquittal vote that ratifies a blank check for the presidency.  Basically, Donald Trump is moving early post-impeachment to prove that Congress can go climb a tree as far as he is concerned for limits.

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