Watch: Black Lives Matter protestors scream at people trying to enjoy dinner at restaurants

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The event quickly progressed into a riot, which damaged the dining establishment and forced clients to leave for their security. This is the America that is welcomed by Joe Biden. As the presumptive Democratic governmental candidate, Biden has actually been silent about the anarchy that is wrecking our major American cities.
Not a word.
Ian Miles Cheong, reporter and handling editor at Human Events, said, “This is what Cultural Marxism appears like,” in a tweet, together with videos of the scene which were captured by Damani Felder.

The protesters probably figured that the city of Austin would permit them to get their way as if they were in Portland, Seattle, or New York. Obviously they did refrain from doing their research study of the area effectively and discovered that neither Austin nor their law enforcement partners were going to allow that chaos in their city..
Reporter Andy Ngo tweeted:.
” At the antifa gathering in Austin, Texas, militants decline to distribute occupied streets. Officers move in on horses and forcibly move the individuals out of the roadway. They scream in anger.”.
There were numerous reports that protesters from Portland had actually been bused in particularly for this event. While that might well be real, at last reporting the Austin Police Department encouraged there were no truths recognized yet that would them to believe this was accurate..
Personal sources from law enforcement in Austin have actually told Law Enforcement Today that they saw buses filled with armed people coming into the city. They believe that some of these people are members of Antifa and are heavily armed..
In all, the demonstrations were primarily tranquil with couple of reported events of damage or physical interactions with the police. Protesters claim that over 20 people were jailed but those number can not be verified by Austin Police yet up until they examine all of the cases.
Although the Austin Police Department does not have precise numbers to release as of yet relating to arrests, the Texas Department of Public Safety does. They just recently released that they had actually obtained arrest warrants for 6 individuals who are declared of committing crimes during violent riots..
According to KLTV, Syed Ali, Cassidy Nordstrom, Gabriel King, Bryan Becerril, Nickia Hunt, and Jordan Teal were all jailed for charges coming from their involvement on the preliminary riots at the end of May..
A similar circumstance occurred in Dallas, as we reported last month:.
DALLAS, TX– This is what America is becoming, and although today its staying in the cities, it will quickly be coming to a residential area near you.
The next time you hear a Democrat speak up against the violence presently spreading throughout our country, it will be the very first time. Based on their lack of condemning the violence, it appears theyre just great with the murder, assaults, looting and burning taking location in our country due to the fact that they think it serves a political end.
What occurred in Dallas on Sunday night need to be a warning to Americans. These anarchists are off the rails.
According to BizPac Review, on Sunday night, individuals were out at a Dallas restaurant taking pleasure in supper when a group thought to be Black Lives Matter protesters (our guess is a large part were Antifa punks) descended on the restaurant and began producing chaos amongst clients who had been taking pleasure in supper at outside tables.

Officers purchased the protesters to clear the walkway and they declined..
Officers moved in to disperse the crowd and took custody of a minimum of two individuals, throughout the course of the detainment, officers were forced to release chemical representatives.
Officers then turned their attention to another crowd which was obstructing the streets and declining to move. After several orders were given to the crowd to distribute, officers on horseback relocated much to this dismay of the protesters who yelled and yelled at the officers in fact enforcing the law..

Black Lives Matter began a riot in this Dallas establishment with the sole function of creating chaos and anarchy. They wrecked the whole dining establishment.
— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 15, 2020.

After being captured in the middle of last nights chaos brought about by idiotic Black Lives Matter “protesters” here in Dallas, TX, Ive never been more company in my resolve to entirely destroy the BLM movement.
— Damani Felder (@TheDamaniFelder) July 13, 2020.

Tonight, at a restaurant in Downtown Dallas, BLM protesters (the majority of whom were white) came and interrupted an otherwise peaceful night and intensified it to violence.
Ive seen it now with my own eyes. These people are animals. BLM is cancer.https:// dQ6qjDjJFh.
— Damani Felder (@TheDamaniFelder) July 12, 2020.

Black Lives Matter protesters bugged dining establishment goers in Austin tonight. These people need lives.
— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) August 2, 2020.

Conflicts started in between the people and nuisances who were out quietly trying to take pleasure in supper now that dining establishments have actually opened after months of being closed due to the coronavirus. Dallas police quickly got here on the scene, and the mob turned on them, going and throwing things inside the real restaurant.
” These individuals cant behave … this is Marxism, cultural Marxism to a T! They did not come out here to be heard, they come out to develop a scene. Youve got to realize what this truly is and call it out for what it really is,” Felder stated.
” Out here at this restaurant tonight, we had a lot of white individuals, lots of black individuals, all out here enjoying,” as he panned his cell cam to reveal disbelieving customers looking on at the chaos. “And they came out here to create this scene, and now theyre imitating oppressed individuals.”.
Obviously, they are. Oppressed individuals often have $1,000 iPhones and $100 jeans while wearing $250 Nike Air Jordans. Extremely oppressed, plainly.
Click to check it out.

Police lastly needed to resort to using tear gas in order to disperse the mob.
” They brought this on the whole establishment due to the fact that they can not fucking behave!” Felder stated in the video. “And they cant find out to express themselves like grownups.”.
Clearly they cant. They have actually probably been coddled by mommy and daddy all their lives, while playing computer game in the basement while eating Hot Pockets. Or, they invested 4 years in some liberal arts college majoring in left-handed puppetry and cant find a job in the real world. On 2nd idea, they do not care about finding a task since theyre still living with mommy and daddy.
Felder blasted those who got involved in the riot, calling the occurrence “purposeful” and said that the mainstream media would likely neglect “this sort of violent presentation” perpetrated by fans of Black Lives Matter. We should not discount the possibility that there were Antifa punks also included in the fiasco.
” This is the anarchy they want, this is what they continue to do,” he stated, while reporting that windows were being broken inside the restaurant.
” All they appreciate right now is developing this manufactured outrage, this turmoil,” he said. “Their reasoning is, if we are upset, no one else can delight in any peace whatsoever.”.
The frightening part about this incident is that it didnt take place in Portland or Seattle or some other bastion of left-wing wackos.
This was Dallas, in red Texas.
Felder continued his narration throughout the video, noting how the “cultural Marxist cowards” were fleing as police relocated to distribute them.
” This is something more dubious, more perilous than what it seems,” Felder stated, while keeping in mind the hypocrisy of the protesters, who were mainly white.
Felder, who is a vocal supporter of President Trump, offered a wrap-up of his experience on Twitter while stating he would continue to expose precisely what Black Lives Matter represents.

AUSTIN, TX– Now individuals cant even enjoy dinner without being harassed.
Protestors showed up in Austin Texas to oppose the shooting death of Garret Foster who was killed by Army Sergeant Daniel Perry in the last week of July..
Police officers were lined up along the streets to be prepared in case the demonstration ended in a riot. Eventually, officers were required to move the crowd who defied orders to move and were obstructing streets. Protesters were herded off of the roadway by authorities making use of horses..
The basis for this protest stemmed from the shooting in which Perrys lawyers declare was carried out in self-defense. What is not disputed is that Foster approached Perry who remained in his automobile bring a long gun (which is legal in Texas). Perrys attorneys compete that Foster raised the firearm at him which triggered Perry to fire his gun which was in his automobile..
Protesters marched up and down streets near the University of Texas chanting “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, APD has actually got to go.” Other chants and needs of defunding the authorities department are heard on different videos shot that night.
Some of the protesters drifted off and started using a loudspeaker to intimidate and bug regional companies and dining establishments in the location. Others gathered around an area near where Foster was eliminated and refused to move..

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Black Lives Matter began a riot at an otherwise tranquil restaurant in Dallas by attacking customers and personnel. This is what Cultural Marxism appears like.
— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 15, 2020.

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Black Lives Matter is ethically bankrupt trash. I stated what I said.
— Damani Felder (@TheDamaniFelder) July 13, 2020.

The rioters (because clearly these individuals were there to trigger trouble, not protest anything) consisted primarily of white twenty-somethings who entered the outdoors patio bring indications and carrying and yelling on, using blasphemy despite children being in the area.
Felder packed a 12-minute video onto his Instagram page, berated the self-described Marxists for their apparent attempt to yell out for attention.
” Theyre out here today attempting to act a fool,” stated Felder, the founder of YouTubes The Right Brothers while narrating the turmoil, while the “chanting” became a riot as the mommies young boys and women began screaming at clients and staff after people started pushing back against the disturbance.
” Here it is, see?” Felder stated. “They produce the unrest and after that they get disturbed when somebody actually speaks for themselves. Thats the problem.”.

” Black Lives Matter is morally bankrupt trash,” he tweeted. “I said what I stated.”.

These individuals need lives. Officers move in on horses and by force move the individuals out of the roadway. These individuals are animals.” These people cant behave … this is Marxism, cultural Marxism to a T! Oppressed people typically have $1,000 iPhones and $100 jeans while wearing $250 Nike Air Jordans.

At the antifa gathering in Austin, Texas, militants refuse to disperse occupied streets. Officers move in on horses and by force move the people out of the road.
— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) August 2, 2020.