We all know Donald Trump is preparing to rig or steal the election — but exactly how? | Salon.com

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The primary focus of Trumps squealing about absentee ballot, obviously, is to develop a hearts-and-minds structure to support legal challenges versus those tallies. To that end, hes routinely making use of the bully pulpit to produce doubt about the dependability of absentee ballot.
From there, hes capable of releasing a series of lawsuits versus boards of elections– perhaps in every state where absentee ballots are used, or just in states with margins too close to call or private counties with narrow margins.
As long as he continues to hammer his followers about the evils of absentee ballot between now and Election Day, theyll be increasingly likely to back him up during the actual process, organizing demonstrations and perhaps a few “Brooks Brothers riots” not unlike Election 2000.

I think we can all agree that Donald Trump will not go quietly, or accept defeat with any measure of self-respect. Understanding the stunts hes likely pull, and preparing accordingly, is half the fight.

I do not know how all this will end, however I feel relatively secure in anticipating the mayhem. Truthfully, just like whatever Trump, I hope Im incorrect and this election finishes up without a problem. However offered King Joffrey the Flaccids actions lately, specifically with his contra-constitutional implementation of unknown soldiers to vanish protesters from the streets, it would be foolish to count on a smooth ride. The outright finest strategy for the Democratic Party, and certainly all Normals, is to prepare for a bloody mess before we have a winner.

Challenge after obstacle could rocket-propel the entire election back into the hands of the Supreme Court, house of the notorious Bush v. Gore decision, and theres no assurance that Chief Justice John Roberts will swing the method we hope he will. Regardless of where Trumps legal obstacles land, he will definitely use the courts as a postponing action, making for a hell of a long procedure at a time when the patience of the American individuals is practically nonexistent.

As part of his herky-jerky maneuvers to evade legal jeopardy, we also understand hes ready to sentence hundreds of thousands of Americans to death, and millions more on top of that to suffer from irreversible pre-existing conditions, due to his near-genocidal indifference to the pandemic– indifference focused on controling the stock market and consequently increasing in his re-election opportunities..

At other times it leaves us with this perpetual sense of instability, understanding what may be hiding around the corner. The November election fits horrifyingly into the latter classification.

Were all completely conscious that every relocation Trump makes is aimed squarely at re-election. If hes not re-elected, he might deal with prosecution and dozens of lawsuits after he goes back to being a civilian. He understands better than anybody that the presidency is the only thing saving him either from the prison or from an underground escape to a non-extradition nation.

Trump is, on top of it all, an arrested, easily predictable Golgothan who telegraphs every relocation of self-preservation. Were all completely mindful that every move Trump makes is intended squarely at re-election. Like a petulant young boy who tosses a board game across the room when hes losing, Trump is going to toss the election procedure into outright turmoil. Trumps legal difficulties will be thick and hes shown no compunction to offer up. Honestly, as with whatever Trump, I hope Im incorrect and this election wraps up without a glitch.

You understand. Hes capable of doing anything in order to win, even risking his legal future. But none of the above tactics straight addresses how he might handle the actual procedure of suppressing and overturning votes.

So far, there are 34 states, including the District of Columbia, allow some type of ballot by mail without a reason for ones absence. (Oregon has actually carried out all elections by mail considering that 1998, without any considerable problems. Colorado and Washington state have embraced universal vote-by-mail more recently.).
By the way, the absentee voting states include Florida, where Trump will be voting by mail this year– once again, without any excuse needed. The other 17 states need an excuse, however at least some of those will likely change the guidelines before November, removing the requirement for a reason.

Electors are supposed to cast their tallies on Dec. 14, based on the results of the popular vote. Trumps legal difficulties will be thick and hes shown no compunction to provide up.

One more thing: As the days following the election descend into turmoil, it wouldnt shock me if Trump merely stated victory before all the votes are counted. That will not imply much in the grand scheme, however it will further prompt his individuals and intensify the chaos.

Its likewise possible that Trumps indefinite implementation of federal stormtroopers in chosen cities will prevent some voters from ending up. Trumps screeching has likewise suggested that he might buy ICE and CBP jerks to monitor polling places, which might prevent Latino citizens or other recent immigrants from voting.

Election Day will not be a “day” at all. Im not even factoring in the possibility of recanvassing or real recounts.

The party ought to be completely lawyered up in anticipation of Trumps psycho-bombs detonating at polling locations and in state capitals throughout the nation. Do not be blindsided.

By now, its reasonably easy to anticipate Donald Trumps high-handed relocations.

Its barely Candyland, in spite of the fascistic goals involved. Trump is, on top of it all, a simple-minded, easily foreseeable Golgothan who telegraphs every relocation of self-preservation.

The other point is to discourage the usage of absentee ballots, with the broader objective of persuading pro-Trump state officials to roll back existing absentee rules. After all, its far more difficult to monkey around with absentee votes that, by meaning, consist of a paper path. On the other hand, in-person votes cast on electronic voting machines are more susceptible to manipulation and hacking, whether by Russian representatives or somebody else, and all of us learn about Trumps business partners in Moscow and their track record with American elections. In his desperation, Trump will aspire to meddle with every voting format, covering all his bases.


I think I understand how Trump will try to hinder the process along with the result, and its more than a little unnerving, particularly offered the cataclysmic stakes this time. Warning: This is a little a horror program, so hold on tight. Oh, and everything that follows presumes a close race, with the advantage leaning in Joe Bidens instructions.

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Its a matter of historical record that he was impeached by Congress and prosecute for trying to cheat in the election, while refusing to prevent Russia from cyber-attacking the process once again.

You mayve seen the unintentionally amusing video of Trump on “Fox News Sunday” last weekend.
He likewise stated that he might not accept the outcome of the election. “I have to see,” Trump said when pressed on the concern. Absentee voting, likewise known as “mail-in” voting, will be his primary target in his strategy to hinder the election.

Any and all swing states will be ripe for legal challenges– not because of real election or citizen fraud however just because Trump thinks theres scams taking location. (Or, to be more accurate, because he declares to believe that.).

Like a petulant boy who tosses a board game throughout the space when hes losing, Trump is going to hurl the election process into absolute mayhem. Heres how: Hell continue to reduce ballot by discouraging absentee voting, while taking advantage of new and existing obstructions to in-person voting. Then, on and after Election Day, hell take legal action against to attempt and stop absentee ballots from being counted.