While violent rioters destroy downtown Los Angeles, clueless mayor calls protests “largely peaceful”

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LOS ANGELES, CA.- Violent protests, which have become a nightly occurrence in Portland, Oregon for over two months, have now moved to other cities, including Los Angeles. 

However, the sheer incompetence of the mainstream media knows no bounds. You continually see people such as Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon on CNN mocking reports that are clearly available from multiple sources showing anarchy taking place in our big cities.

They call riots “peaceful protests.” They have literally laughed as Americans, a large number of them black, are getting slaughtered in our major cities. Yet, nobody aside from a few conservative media sites have called them out.

And they wonder why they are referred to as fake news? 

On Saturday evening, Fox LA was reporting that at least three people were injured during “peaceful protests,” which, of course, were actually violent confrontations with police, in the midst of multiple demonstrations in downtown Los Angeles.

The three injured persons were all taken to local hospitals for treatment, according to a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Fire Department, Margaret Stewart. The riots because let’s call them what they are forced the LAPD to declare a tactical alert, mobilizing officers in response to the attacks on federal buildings downtown.

Breitbart News reported that several federal buildings had suffered vandalism and had their windows smashed. Rioters also blocked traffic in the area.

Bill Melugin of Fox LA reported from the scene, retweeting video from someone on scene who reported that Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Revolutionary Communists were partaking in the violence.

But remember, this is only about “systemic racism,” right?

Video from on scene in downtown LA a short time ago as federal buildings are being attacked by Antifa. https://t.co/jKDC1uyJkg

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) July 26, 2020

Several factions of protesters, including what looks to be some anarchist elements, are currently breaking out the windows of the federal building in downtown LA right now. @FOXLA pic.twitter.com/IDmHPz0xHi

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) July 26, 2020

They are now in the street not allowing vehicles through. pic.twitter.com/IvbCujh9p1

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) July 26, 2020

According to the Los Angeles Times:

“Los Angeles police issued a citywide tactical alert Saturday night in response to protests downtown, allowing the department to have more officers and resources available.

LAPD has now declared a citywide tactical alert to deal w/ a protest in Downtown Los Angeles including a group broke into the lobby of the US Bureau of Prisons Metropolitan Detention Center per law enforcement sources. No word yet if anyone has been detained or impacts.

— Andrew Blankstein (@anblanx) July 26, 2020

“Sgt. Anthony Costello said there had not been any major problems with a majority of the crowd, but that there were some isolated incidents of vandalism, including some broken windows and graffiti at the federal building downtown.

“According to several media reports, demonstrators organized the protests in response to federal agents being sent to Portland, Ore., to put down nightly protests that began two months ago following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.”

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Breitbart noted correctly that the Times had conveniently neglected to mention in their report that the Portland protests have grown increasingly violent, with the federal courthouse in that city being the target of repeated nightly attacks by violent anarchists, who have also attempted to set the building on fire.

The riots have resulted in numerous law enforcement officers being injured after being attacked by the rioting anarchists. Federal officers are not, as the Times said, sent to Portland to “put down nightly protests,” but rather to protect federal property, in particular because Portland’s feckless, incompetent mayor and city council have refused to protect those properties.

Democrats have joined the “three blind mice” at CNN in refusing to call the violent riots for what they are, and instead have turned to name-calling of federal law enforcement officers, referring to them as Nazi “Gestapo” and storm troopers, as well as “Trump’s secret police.”

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany struck back at that narrative, playing a montage of video at her Friday press briefing which showed the violence in Portland.

That meant nothing to the mainstream media, who are trying to maintain their narrative to the sheep that these are “peaceful protests.” The only major news network to air the footage was Fox News, which cut away when profanity appeared onscreen.

Breitbart said that on Friday, gutless Democratic LA Mayor Eric Garcetti expressed his support for the Portland “protests,” saying that they “represent the best of our democratic ideals.”

He joined the parade of the blind, denying the Portland incidents had been violent while saying “individual acts” did not define the whole.

In Los Angeles, rioters smashed windows and spray-painted graffiti at the Metropolitan Detention Center and threw objects at responding officers during a confrontation at the federal courthouse.

There were two separate incidents on Saturday in front of City Hall, one which was organized by a group called Refuse Fascism (have you noticed these anti-fascist groups are the biggest fascists out there?) which was another in a string of demonstrations against the administration of President Trump, while the other was organized by the Youth Liberation Front.

Be proud, educators of America. This is what you have borne.

In the case of the Youth Liberation Front, it was part of more than 30 demonstrations nationwide in support of the rioters in Portland.

During the tactical alert, Los Angeles police officers remained on duty past the end of their scheduled shifts, with numerous officers sent to the downtown incident.

The creative protesters held homemade signs made out of things such as “boogie boards” and Amazon packaging which read:




As we said, they are a creative lot.

Many of the rioters carried black flags, some just blank and at least one with the Anarchist letter “A.” The protest had remained somewhat peaceful, FOX LA said, until it reached the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Once there however, the “peaceful protest” deteriorated into the usual Antifa-sponsored anarchy, with some rioters smashing windows, kicking in windows, smashing them with a skateboard and spraying all manner of graffiti in the area.

One tag on the building read, “Building the new world today” with the anarchist “A” underneath. But hey, this is about George Floyd’s death, black lives, and systemic racism, right?

The crowd was estimated at about 150 people by Lt. John Cook of the LAPD’s Northeast Division. After leaving the detention facility, they then headed toward the U.S. District Court building. They then started to throw rocks and water bottles at the front doors, whereupon some LAPD officers arrived to a sea of objects being thrown at them.

Officers then removed less lethal weapons and aimed in the direction of the rioters. One non-lethal round was fired into the crowed, according to FOX-LA.

Police attempted to detain at least three people. One female rioter who was taken to the ground managed to grab one of the officer’s nonlethal weapon as he sought to detain her. One officer fired a nonlethal round into the crowd.

According to Sgt. Luis Contreras, the firing of nonlethal rounds under circumstances such as this was a normal response to being accosted by such a violent crowd.

“We got hit by rocks and bottles and screwdrivers, and they busted that glass—that’s why,” he explained. “We tried not to. We weren’t going to, but it just got too dangerous.”

If you’re looking to find out what is really going on in America, do not watch CNN. While America is burning, the clown show consisting of Stelter, Cuomo and Lemon is having quite a laugh about it. Tone deaf doesn’t even come close to describing these three.

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