White House takes aim at Fauci as Trump touts their relationship

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The White House is making a collective effort to reject Dr. Anthony Fauci as he becomes significantly singing about his concerns over reopening the country in the middle of a nationwide rise in coronavirus cases. The relocations to undercut Fauci come just days after he gave an unvarnished appearance at his relationship with President Donald Trump, including that they have not spoken in weeks.
The stress between the two guys– who are no longer speaking, CNN reported recently– has grown openly as they have reacted to one another through interviews and statements.
Trump does not plan to dismiss Fauci, and probably could not directly fire him if he wished to, White House authorities have figured out. He demanded that his relationship with the doctor remains strong.
” I have a really excellent relationship with Dr. Fauci, Ive had for a long period of time,” Trump said at the White House during a roundtable event honoring policeman. “I find him to be an extremely nice person. I do not always concur with him.”

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